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Welcome to the website of 

Scottish singer/songwriter - Dave Bremner.

Rock - Blues - Country/Americana - solo and/or  band set up

solo songs 

Tigers and Dragons

An excellent album of folk, blues, pop and                   country/ Americana tracks originally released under the Star 1 California USA banner, now released via CD baby on all prime download sites. Highland Home, Reason to Live, Outside, I Have You,  Looking for Love, Eagle Woman, Crying, Gentle Healing.


Rock poems and memorable rhythms 

Dave has been a music lover for as long as he can remember and loves writing for solo or collaboration.

Folk and Country

Brought up listening to Jim Reeves, Chuck Berry and Glen Miller, I loved the influence of my Dads favourites. However, I soon started finding songs on the radio that became my first music loves. People like Donovan, the Kinks, Bob Dylan and Tyrannosaurus Rex... these artists set my music tastes early on.

Who are my favourites and who has influenced me the most.

Marc Bolan and T.rex, David Bowie, Queen, Ian Hunter, Donovan, Slade, John Denver, The Sweet, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Taste, Rory Gallagher, Pink, Eric Clapton, Status Quo, Melanie, U2, Mott The Hoople, Bruce Springsteen, Free/Bad Company, The Kinks,  UFO, The Beatles, Cher, Alice Cooper, Slade, Shania Twain, the Corries .... 

To name a few...


Rock and Blues

I have always loved rocking out to 

Classic Rock - Glam Rock - Prog Rock and Blues and was heavily influenced in the 70s when I first went to see live gigs.

You can hear the influences of many  bands in my songs.

Especially when I fronted Luna Eklipse.

Luna Reklipse 

An eclectic group of musicians playing songs written by Dave Bremner but arranged by the band. A well-received album that housed a song that produced a video that was played and loved on MTV. However, the band was short-lived as our drummer moved out of the area and sadly our beloved bass player passed far too young. I tried several different line ups but it was never the same and I have now retired the franchise but am grateful to have a wonderful album to remember happier times.. 

RIP John Thomson

Current and Future Projects     Solo and Collaborations 

Hi, Dave Bremner here - thanks for dropping on by to my webpage. I am currently working on a number of projects and hope to have these out into the market place early in 2021. At the time of writing we are all being restricted by the COVID 19 virus but watch out for the following:

Friends across the water - 5 track EP featuring songs written and recorded either side of the Atlantic.

Marc Bolan (a tribute to a legend). My own special tribute of acoustic recordings of some of my favourite Bolan songs, plus an original  "Bolan Rocks On"

Just started a new project - still under wraps but this may be a start of something promising with a group of like-minded musicians. Coming to you either in time for Xmas or early 2021.


Tigers and Dragons - Solo

Over the years I have produced and released a good number of solo projects. I am eternally grateful to ace producer      Niall Mathewson for his help and guidance and of course his fantastic lead guitar playing on most of my solo songs as well as on all of the tracks on  Lunas'     "New Beginning".

The recently re-released album houses the Celtic anthem Highland Home along with several other memorable foot tappers - well worth a listen.

Highland Home

a review by 
Steve Luff 


I had heard the pre production rough cuts but was one of the first to receive the completed version.I played it and was completely blown away by it's epic production. Yes it has strong Scottish roots within it's music & lyrics but you don't have to be Scottish to fall in love with this song on first play. The epic sound gets me with a build up from acoustic  to electric guitar, then the sound of Scottish drums and the bagpipes that gives you goosebumps. Added to this is a chorus so easy to remember & becomes a chant sang by everyone who hears it.  

Highland Home the instrumental

I may of already written a review on this track but that was on the charity release which includes very moving lyrics.

Now this is an instrumental and was originally recorded/mixed this way as Dave says "to be used for extrance music at seminar for my martial art classes". However once I played this MP3 it has so much atmosphere of the highlands, it almost sounds like you've gone back in time listening to some classic Gaelic composition or tuned into a movie as it so big in sound it is like straight off some soundtrack album of a blockbuster.

As I now live in Scotland maybe I feel a closer tie to the song but reading my older review I don't think so it's just the track is so good, full of feeling, emotion, power and yes the pipes.




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